Sensors equipped with a small plasma module analyze gas discharged to the exhaust lines of semiconductor/display manufacturing facilities to monitor the change state of processes
CVD, ALD, Etcher, Diffusion, All TM
Pollution-resistant and durable, for extended use without PM
Detects leaks in real time
Dry cleaning endpoint detection
Source fault detection
Starting pressure of discharge 5mT~10Torr
Detectors per a controller 1~7 (Max. 12)
Image sensor 2048 pixels
Spectral range 200~850nm
Optical resolution <0.95nm @25um slit
A/D resolution 16bit
Integration time Min. 7ms
Scan time(Interval time) Min. 50ms
Optical window Sapphire
Plasma source power Max. 30W
Power requirement 3.5A/12VDC
Operating system Win10
Software AOS (AEGIS Operating Software)
Communication Ethernet
Protocol Customizing available
Additional pumping N/A
Vacuum interface NW25 (Reducer available)
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Model Description
For Transfer/Process/Anneal Chamber
Contamination-free module included (patented)
AEGIS-7S For Transfer/Process/Anneal Chamber
Contamination-free module included (patented)
Advanced sensor and signal processing
AEGIS-7WD For Process Chamber
Contamination-free module included (patented)
OES module detachable type
AEGIS-7DLT For Process Chamber
Contamination-free module included (patented)
For exclusive customer
Model Description
SMC-10 Horizontal type
3U 19” rack mount type
SMC-10H Vertical type
Stand alone type
Model Description
WT Worktable type
RK 19” rack type
MC Moving cart type
LPA-75-AC-12 Local power adapter,
Concept & Configuration
● Certified ○ possible
Application Semiconductor FPD
All TM Ti WN OxALD Diffusion Etch All TM Anneal PECVD
Leak detection
Dry clean EPD
Source fault
Endpoint detection
In-situ leak detection
Prevents major accidents through real-time detection of
leaks in semiconductor/display manufacturing process chambers
Applied to CVD, ALD, Diffusion, All TM in the semiconductor sector
Applied to BP (Array), TSP, EN, All TC/HC of the display sector
Yield and throughput improvement
Dry cleaning endpoint detection
Achieve optimum cleaning time by checking chamber cleaning status during the periodic dry cleaning
Applied to CVD, ALD, Diffusion in the semiconductor sector
Applied to BP (Array), TSP, EN of the display sector
Throughput improvement
Endpoint detection for non-plasma etch
Detects endpoints in the etching process that cannot be detected by
conventional OES due to not using plasma in the chamber
Applied to Etcher in the semiconductor sector
Etching process uses gas-phased or low RF power
Excellent endpoint detection compared to OES even in low open ratio etching
Endpoint detection for TSV
Detects endpoints in TSV, Through Silicon Via, etching process
Used in the BOSCH process
Detects endpoints even with low open ratio etching