연구소 소개
Introduction to Optoelectronics Research Institute
Established for professional research and
development in the optoelectronic measurement sector
Nanotech is a company-affiliated Research Institute established to focus on R&D
in the optoelectronic measurement sector. We practice technology-oriented corporate management.
In 2008, Nanotech established the foundation for industry-university-research cooperation,
which conducts research activities and takes the lead training excellent manpower.
Since 2011, we have developed infrastructure that can rapidly respond to the evolving needs of
the industry by boosting human/physical infrastructure in research institutes.
We have been selected as an organization for ‘Research Support Projects Affiliated with
Industrial-Academic Cooperation Companies’.
2011 ~ Present
Becoming an advanced Research Institute
Establishing mass production and testing environment for
standardization of flagship product, SPOES
High-quality SPOES development system specialized for
individual processes via expansion of dedicated research and
measurement equipment
Place existing research manpower forefront and
expand exclusive research manpower
Research infrastructure with fast response to
the evolving needs of the industry
2008 ~ 2010
Optimizing operating models of Research Institute
Progressive research activities through industry-university-research cooperation in the sector of our flagship product, SPOES
Boost product competitiveness based on problem analysis/evaluation through application to semiconductor mass production
Study on SPOES pollutant analysis and countermeasures using advanced infrastructure, e.g., scanning electron microscope (SEM)
Core technology cooperation with exclusive professors and establishment of manpower training systems
Establishment of the foundation for
industrial-academic-research cooperation
Boost research capabilities through collaboration between
university research and industrial-academic-research
Obtain effective research feedback from semiconductor Fabs of major customers
First establishment of
company-affiliated Research Institute
Established for intensive R&D and technology-oriented corporate management in the optoelectronic measurement sector
First recognition by KOITA