연구소 소개
We introduce
our photoelectronic R&D center.
R&D center was established for the purpose
of developing the photoelectronic instrument
R&D center,which is the enterprise institute, was established to help concentrate
on developing the photoelectronic instrument and for technology-centered business operation.
Since industry-academic cooperation was established in 2008,
vibrant research activities have been in process now in collaboration with the professors,
along with the manpower training system.
Since designated as “Industry-academic cooperation institute” in 2011,
infrastructure to accommodate the industrial Needs in a speedy way has been built through advancement
of human & material resource.
2011 ~ Present
Advancement stage of R&D center
Mass production of main item, SPOES,
and constriction of test environment
Establishment of specialized high quality SPIES development system
by expanding dedicated R&D instrument
Forward deployment of existing R&D positions and increase
of dedicated R&D manpower
Building the infrastructure to accommodate
the industrial Needs in a speedy way
2008 ~ 2010
The stage to stabilize the R&D operation model
Vibrant industry-academic cooperativeR&D activities
in the area of main item, SPOES
Enhancing the competitiveness of the product by analyzing /evaluating
the problems as a result of applying to mass production of semiconductor
Analysis of SPOES pollutant using advanced infrastructure such as scanning
electron microscope (SEM) and the study on countermeasures
Cooperation with the dedicated professors
on core technology and establishment of training system
Establishment of industry-academic
collaboration system
Enhancing the competency
through industry-academic cooperation with the professors
Effective research feedback from major client’s semiconductor Fab
Establishment of enterprise institute
for the first time
Establishment for concentrated research of photoelectronic instrument
and technology-centered business management
Certification by the Korea Industrial Technology Association for the first time