핵심 보유기술
Introduction to Nanotech's core technology
Nanotech's core technology leads the development of
the optical measurement control sector through ongoing technological innovation
Nanotech possesses integrated photometric sensor technology. We have secured advanced design,
manufacturing and mass production, with specialized manpower for every aspect, including optical,
electrical, electronic, mechanical, plasma, vacuum, and software.
With our superior technology and experience, we can optimize functionality by industry.
Optical technology
Light source design and manufacturing technology
Optical design and optimization technology
High-efficiency optical delivery technology
Korea’s finest spectral analysis technology
Plasma monitoring diagnostic technology
Technology optimized for plasma discharge conditions
Vacuum equipment design technology
Signal processing and control design technology
Software design exclusive for analysis and development technology specialization
Service Ability
Commercialization and service capabilities
Customized production to suit customer environment and needs
Extensive and varied experience in housing design and manufacturing
Rapid prototype manufacturing
Systematic mass production management planning
Professional technical support and data analysis capabilities
Management of professional CS personnel by customer