핵심 보유기술
Company-owned core
technologies are as follows.
Core technologies owned by Nanotech,
which leads the development in photoelectronic control area
with continuous efforts toward technical innovation
Nanotech is specialized in photoelectronic measuring sensor and has the excellent performance record in design
and manufacture in the area of optics, electronics, machinery, plasma, vacuum and software,
making use of element technologies, with professional human resource.
Based on such excellent technical competency and experience, we are capable of optimizing the needs from the various industrial sites.
Optical technology
Light source design and manufacture technology
Optical design and optimization technology
Optical delivery efficiency technology
Nation’s best-ever spectroscopic analysis technology
Plasma monitoring diagnosis technology
Plasma discharge condition optimization technology
Vacuum equipment design technology
Signal process and control design technology
Design of analysis software and specialization
of development technology
Service Ability
Commercialization and service capability
Capacity to satisfying the client’s needs
and customizing by condition
Rich experience in designing
and manufacturing various housing
Capacity to quickly manufacture Prototype Sample
Systematic mass production management planning
Professional technical support and data analysis capacity
Assignment and management of dedicated CS person
for each client