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Maintaining a forward-thinking approach to
foster capable and enthusiastic manpower who
realize dreams together.
Technical sales, C/S engineer, R&D, Production
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How to apply
Apply via email only
(Refer to the announcement on the job site)
Nanotech develops talents with mantra of
passion and effort, innovation, and professionalism.
Those who are enthusiastic and committed to their field of work
Those who pursue self-development and work steadily toward their goals
Those who share their ideas to lead change and solve problems
Those aiming for the highest level of professionalism in their field of work
Our HR system allows employees to be
fairly compensated for their performance
Performance-oriented HR system
Operates fair evaluation and reasonable compensation system for employees
Comprehensive evaluation of achievements and strategies twice a year (H1 & H2)I Annual performance and promotion review
Award for long-term employment services
Rewards for outstanding effort and achievements of long-term employees
Award date : The company's foundation day (Dec. 1)
Additional prize : Gold Bar
Idea award
Reward employees who actively contribute to product development and business innovation with creative ideas
Award date : The company's foundation day (Dec. 1)
Additional prize : Gift certificate
Expert award
Reward employees who have demonstrated outstanding performance by securing them as experts in their respective fields
Award date : After completion of annual work evaluation (January)
Additional prize : Provide opportunity to participate in overseas exhibitions
We support various welfare benefits so
our employees can maximize their abilities in
a stable and prosperous environment.
Pension, Insurance
Four major insurances, Retirement pension
Holiday, vacation
Five-day a week work, Annual leave, Alternative vacation
Compensation system
Incentive system, Employee reward system
Living convenience
Lunch allowance, Support communication costs , Payment of holiday welfare benefits
Support for congratulations and condolences
Various condolences, Congratulations and condolences vacation, Birthday gift
Training support
Tuition support, Book purchase support
Vehicle support
Operate corporate vehicles outside of work,
Carpool fuel support